My Girl Korean Drama

A Korean drama series that was hit in 2006 was called “My Girl”. My sister Aimee recommended it to me, because like her I really love watching romantic comedy dramas. It was definitely an effective stress reliever and now I’m addicted to it. Korean dramas never fail to entertain stressed people. I highly recommend it, for me its 5/5 stars.

how to avoid Dentophobia?

I remembered as a kid, I’m afraid of the dentist. The only reason why my mother took me to a dentist was to extract my aching tooth. After the long hours of terror, I always went home with a fever.

simple candle... wow candle

Did you know that a simple candle can be very useful? Aside from the fact that it was used as a light source, it was also used as an offering at church. Scented kinds also help in relieving stress, this is why they were widely used in spas and hotels.