collectible toys: toys for the big boys

I went to my friend’s house and saw this big cabinet full of toys still unopened. I was wondering if he has a toy store hiding inside his cabinet. So I jokingly asked him, and he replied by saying, “those are my collection, please don’t open.” So what’s the point in buying a toy without even playing with it? I did not understand this at first, until I met my husband who is a toy enthusiast; a toy collector.

There are certain kinds of toys that increase its value in years, especially those that are still sealed. These toys can be compared with collectible stamps, antique items, jewelries and even house and lots. So which are the so called “collectible toys?”

Collectible toys are toys which are originally made by registered manufacturers; no imitations and no copy cats. Some are fabricated in a limited quantity, all the more for collectors to haunt and collect. There are other kinds which are specially made for promoting tv series or movies. There are also the rare kinds, a one different piece in a dozen of the same kind. Others can be bought from fast food meal promotion, they are considered collectibles also because there will be no more reproduction after the promo has ended.

The reasons for collecting toys include: enjoyment for every child at heart “toy enthusiast”. For them, collecting releases stress after a hard day work. It is also an opportunity for business minded people. Truly these toys can be regarded as “toys for the big boys.”