how to organize your bag?

Have you experienced actually digging in your bag, because it took you so long to find your keys, your cell phone, a pen or even a lip balm? You couldn’t find it so you toss your bag revealing all its contents. Anything can be hard to find inside a cluttered bag. It’s really a big hassle especially when you’re in a hurry.

A bag organizer is what you need! 

It is a separate bag with many compartments, and is usually placed inside a bag. There is a place for your keys, others come in pockets and others with key holders. There are also big pockets for your wallet, a separate space for your cell phone for easy access, and you will also find small pockets to place your pen and lip balm. Others come with zippers for coins and important receipts.

Now it will be easier for you to store each item and find it when you need it. It will help save time and energy especially when you want to change bags. 


  1. I like this! but where do i buy one? =(

  2. hi ate! you can buy from amazon, just click the picture and you will see the price... thanks :)


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