who is domo?

I went to the mall last week and did some window shopping with my family when suddenly a big brown character with a square face, black eyes, big opened-mouth and sharp teeth greeted us as we went inside a toy store. I thought it looked strange at first, but cute and it reminded me of a naughty preschool kid trying to scare his classmates by saying RAWRRRRR! I went to ask the sales lady what kind of character was that, and she told me it was their new arrival called "Domo-Kun". They are selling different merchandise along with this
newly launched character. There are big and small stuffed toys, back packs, sling bags, thick and thin wallets, coin purses, cell phone cases, pouches, key chains and many other accessories that look like Domo. When I got home, I started to research more about this Domo character wondering if he's a good kind.

So who is Domo-Kun? It is derived from the Japanese word "domo konnichiwa" which means "Well hello there!" or "Hello domo". The word "Domo" can also imply politeness like saying "excuse me" or "thank you". The word "Kun" is usually used to address younger males such as "Mr". 

Domo is a brown monster hatched from an egg; this is also the reason why he doesn't eat eggs. He landed at the living room of an old bunny who lives underground and who is fond of watching tv. This bunny became his foster father who took care of him. Domo loves to eat Japanese meat and potato stew, but can't close his mouth. He doesn't eat apples because there is something about apple that affects his DNA. He always perspires when he is anxious. He farts when he is in a bad mood. He loves to daydream and doesn't pay attention to things. His favorite talent is MAX and The Guitar Wolf. He loves to take pictures, listen to music, dance and perform in front of his friends. He takes care of his friends when they are sick. He's indeed a lovable character after all.


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