most effective deodorant

There is a wide range of deodorant in the market today. You can choose from different brands and kinds; from a roll on to a deodorant stick, an underarm spray or even a talc powder, scented kinds to unscented ones. There are also the famous anti-perspirants and deo-whiteners. Believe me, I’ve tried them all. But which do you think is the most effective deodorant?

I’ve realized four important things which helped me determine the most effective deodorant:

One: Drink lots of water
Our body is composed mostly of water. This is why we need to replenish ourselves with water most of the time. Doctors recommend to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. When we drink more water it really helps detoxify our inner bodies, thus for me is an effective deodorant.

Two: Regular bowel movement
Most people have a hard time in having a regular bowel movement. Irregular bowel movement will also cause our body to release unwanted odors. We need to throw these wastes outside our bodies at a regular basis. To eat rich fibrous foods such as: oatmeal, wheat bread, leafy vegetables and fruits will help us regularize our bowel movement, thus another effective deodorant.

Three: Change clean clothes after bathing
It is proper hygiene to bathe at least two times a day. Take a bath before you go to work and before going to bed. It is also important to change clean clothes after bathing. Not most people practice this. Others tend to rely on their anti-perspirants which most of the time – fail, especially on humid weather. Remember to change clean clothes after bathing, it is surely an effective deodorant.

Four: Natural is still the best
I’ve discovered that the most natural “tawas” stone is the most effective deodorant for me. DEONAT is the tawas’ brand. A hypoallergenic mineral deodorant stick which comes in four kinds: tawas, aloe vera, turmeric and mangosteen. Eventhough I perspire, I still smell fresh and clean. It doesn’t even stain my clothes anymore like other anti-perspirant deodorants I’ve used before. I also noticed that it lightened my armpit. The proper usage of the tawas stick is to wet the stone with water then apply it over your underarms. Let it dry before you wear your clean clothes. It is best to apply after bathing. Take note it is not an anti-perspirant, but a very effective deodorant. It works for me, and I hope it will for you too! After all, everyone wants to smell good always.