ways to remove kitchen odors

I love to cook, but each time I cook the smell of my cooking spreads all over the house. It sticks to the fabrics of the curtains, the fabric upholstery and even the throw pillows. It takes hours before the smell evaporates especially when you are cooking dried fish.

I have discovered ways to remove odors from my kitchen.

One: Exhaust Fan or Stove vent
This is the traditional way of eliminating unwanted odors in your room. It absorbs odor from the inside and blows it to the outside. It is usually used in areas with limited air flow. You need to clean it every week to maintain its functionality.

Two: Air Freshener
There is a variety of brands in the market today. It comes in different scents and is proven to be effective. The latest I have discovered is Ambi Pur Fresh Air Freshener. It’s like it washes the air with its fresh scent. It will leave your house smelling clean. I also noticed that it lasts more than a month.

Three: Candles
Even before you begin with your cooking, you start by lighting a candle. It can be a regular or a scented one. It absorbs odor inside a room. It works very well for me and is also economical. But be careful, remember you shouldn’t leave it unattended to avoid fire.