what kind of cell phone are you?

Yesterday, only a few people own a cellphone. Today, cellphones have become a necessity; almost all people own one. It is used to transact businesses, used to chat with friends and used in times of emergencies. From a basic call and text feature, it has evolved to be the most versatile gadget in the market today. Now cellphones come with cameras, videos, radios, music players, games, flashlights, others with tv and internet.

There are several kinds of cellphones. Just for the fun of it, let's do a comparison between cellphones and people. So what kind of cellphone are you?

Bar-typed Cellphone: 
These are people who are simple and those who prefer the standard kind of living. They want stability and durability. They believe in the saying "Form follows function".

Flip-typed Cellphone: 
These are people who are classy and elegant. They are the ones who loves fashion and are stylish. People who love to party and go shopping.

Slider-typed Cellphone: 
These are the people in the business world. The serious types who are mostly the executives or the big bosses in companies.

Querty-typed Cellphone: 

These are people who love to surf the internet, check their email or probably own a  website. They  are the techie-kind 
who want internet on the go.

Touch Screen Cellphones: 
These are the people who go with the flow. Always updated about the latest trends and 
they never let this pass.