angry birds game

The game called “Angry Birds” was considered to be one of the most addicting games. It was created by Rovio, an entertainment media company based in Finland. Rovio released this game in 2009 and became even more popular until the present.

War started between the birds and pigs, when the pigs stole the egg of these birds and wanted to eat it. This is the reason why the birds got very angry; they wanted to get their eggs back. Do you want to know how to play this game? It’s simple! A player needs to use the sling to swing each bird towards the evil pigs. The birds will smash them in order to gain points or stars for each round. The pigs are hiding under wooden planks, ice boulders and many others which they considered as their castles.

The character birds are as follows: the Red Bird (considered as the most popular among the birds), the Blue Bird (known as the Replicate bird), the Yellow Bird (known as the Speed Booster bird), the Black Bird (looks and works like a bomb), the White Bird (known as the Pelican or Egg bird, lays bomb-like eggs), the Green Bird (known as the Boomerang bird) and the Big Brother Red Bird (also considered as one of the most powerful birds). Other special characters include: Mighty Eagle (one of the largest and strongest of the birds), Blu (appears in Angry Birds Rio game), Blu and Jewel chained together (also appears in Rio Game) and Orange Bird (which appears in Angry Birds Seasons Game.)

Pigs are green in color and come in small, medium and large sizes. These include: Basic Pig, Mustache Pig, Mining Pig, Armor Pig, Hard Hat Pig and King Pig as their leader.

Due to my son’s amazement and enthusiasm towards this game, I made a short clip about Angry Birds featuring my "a dotted bug." Happy viewing! Angry Bird meets A Dotted Bug

Angry Birds Seasons