how many talents do you have?

Is there someone in this world who doesn’t have a talent? My answerI believe there isn’t anyone and this is the BIG truth! More good news, each one of us have been blessed by God with not just one but several other talents. All we have to do is discover it, enhance it and share it.

My parents discovered my talent in drawing ever since I was three. This is why my mother saved my very first drawing. I also love doing crafts which is part of being an artist, but is still considered another talent. When I was nine, I imitated nuns who sang in church; the way they sang the alleluia. So my parents enrolled me in a voice coaching school. I have discovered my talent in cooking when I was in my 20’s, my father taught me the basics though. I enjoyed cooking and invented new dishes. He also told me that I have inherited the taste buds of a very good cookmy grandmother. At work, I have discovered my talent in organizing documents. I enjoyed labeling folders by color coding, made it easier for me and my colleagues. Recently, I have discovered my unique talent in catching a mosquito by hand... woooah! Amazing huh? haha!

So you see, talents don’t stop at dancing, singing, acting or drawing, being good at something is also considered as one. Let’s keep on discovering, enhancing and sharing what else we are good at and thank God for these blessings.