crazy little thing called love

I love this movie! This is the second movie that I have watched several times. I think I may have watched it for about four times, no five times to be exact… hehe. It has a light and happy feeling that makes girls want to watch it over and over again.

Aside from the fact that it featured a charming and handsome young actor named Mario Maurer from Thailand, the movie showcased the feeling of being in love for the first time; it’s like “puppy love”. I remembered the feeling whenever you see your crush pass by the corridor at school; you couldn’t move or even look at his eyes, like you were paralyzed. If he was a friend, then you just wanted to see him always or chat with him. It’s like his stories were music to your ears… yihee! Your heart beats so fast that you felt like you’re floating through the sky. But when you found out that he liked someone else, it’s like your heart had been torn into pieces… huhu!

Waiting for the right one is worth the wait; it is like destiny. You’ll just know if the person is the one. So watch this movie and relive the feelings which you have experienced when you were still young – being in love.

More about Mario Maurer?


  1. i saw this film at abs-cbn! very simple story many people can relate. mario maurer was so handsome!


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