twilight saga: breaking dawn

In 2008, a movie called “Twilight” was launched. It was an indie film that changed the lives of a new breed of actors who were not yet in the limelight at that time. This movie captured the hearts of many, both young and old including me.

Even before the movie came out, the storyline was already earning because it was a best-selling novel composed of four books written by Stephenie
Meyer. My husband gave me a set of these books as a present and I have been reading them since then. Producers were very lucky to have decided to make this novel into a movie. The choice of actors played a big part in this movie’s success. Edward Cullen’s character played by a British actor Robert Pattinson who was also a cast of a famous movie – Harry Potter. I had to admit, this was the first time I fell in love with a movie that enabled me to watch it for over five times.

The story revolved around the love story of Bella Swan a simple young girl and a handsome vampire named Edward Cullen. Here you will discover how vampires were presented differently. They don’t have fangs and they don’t burn under the sun.

A love triangle was highlighted in the second movie called “New Moon” that was released in 2009. In this movie, Edward decided to leave Bella and Jacob entered the picture. A connection blossomed between Jacob and Bella. Due to the success of the first movie, there were enough budgets to establish great special effects especially during Jacob’s werewolf transformations.

In 2010, came the third movie called “Eclipse”, this is my favorite among the three movie series. Here, Bella’s decision between her two love interests became evident. She realizes who she really loves as a friend and as a partner. Several fight scenes between vampires and werewolves were also featured in the story.

I never thought I will be able to watch this most awaited last part of the movie series, due to my son’s age; he’s too young to watch. But still, my husband managed to do some arrangements and finally we did saw it. In “Breaking Dawn”, you will witness the wedding of Bella and Edward, their honeymoon, pregnancy and the one thing Bella wishes for from the beginning of the series. One word to describe part four – WOW! Definitely a must see, but the sad part was that they needed to cut it into two parts. I can’t wait for the ending, but I bet it will end beautifully. Until then co-twilighters!


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