you can make your life beautiful

It was in 2004, when I met an officemate who shared her book with me and insisted me to read it. The book was called “You can make your life beautiful” written by Bo Sanchez, a Catholic Lay Preacher. This was the first inspirational book that I have read for several times; so I bought one for myself.

In this book, Bo shared his personal stories and things he learned from his experiences. I really enjoyed reading every chapter for he wrote each story with humor. This will definitely make every reader smile as they read every page of it. As I came to the end
part of the book, I was a bit stunned to realize that I already finished reading the whole thing. I felt the happiness and was re-assured of God’s love and presence in my life. Whenever I feel sad, depressed or even stressed, I just pick up this book and re-read, for it refreshes my soul. It’s like Jesus is actually talking to me and cheering me up.

This book made me realize that we could all make our lives beautiful, because it is indeed a beautiful one in the first place. We should do our best to make the most out of our lives by serving our Jesus. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy by visiting shepherd's voice publication. It is also available in bookstores in the Philippines.