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Have you ever tried watching a Korean drama? Why don’t you try it and you’ll get addicted to it for sure. You’ll watch it over and over again. I’m a big fan of comedy romance stories, and for me Korean dramas have proven themselves experts in this field.

I love the happy feeling after watching a whole series of these dramas. It relaxes me and makes me want to watch it even more. “Heartstrings” is one of my favorite drama series. It is starred by one of Korea’s most talented actress and model, Park Shin Hye.
In the series, she plays the role of Lee Gyu Wona student majoring in traditional Korean music who plays Gayageuma Korean instrument.

She is paired with C.N.Blue’s very talented lead singer and guitarist Jung Yong Hwa who’s role is Lee Shin, he is majoring in Western music who plays electric guitar and vocalist. In school, they both excel in their music fields. Their onscreen chemistry is so amazing. It is as if they really liked each other in real life. I hope so, for they really make a good looking couple. They even developed a good friendship in their previous drama series called “You’re Beautiful”, where they were both casted as members of the band A.N.JELL.This is also one of my favorite Korean dramas.

Heartstrings also highlighted the beautiful voices of Le Shin and Gyu Won. Witness how love will complement the difference in their music for them to make a good musical blending. I really love this pairing and I hope they get to be paired again in another project, drama or movie.

Park Shin Hye has proven herself in the Korean showbiz industry and in other parts of Asia. I admire her hard work and dedication. Who will she be paired with next? May I suggest Mario Maurer from Thailand, who also has proven himself both in movies and drama series. This will also be a good collaboration between Korea and Thailand, don’t you think? Please feel free to post your comment or suggestions below. Thanks  


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    1. me too! this drama makes me smile every time i watch it! :)

  2. I luv it !!!...park shin hye has done a phenomenal work in heartstrings and you are beautiful... Really I m addicted to these amazing dramas...😍

  3. Yes me too, I agree with you Park Shin Hye is a great actress :)


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