let's recycle

To recycle is a term which means to re-use our waste or scraps. Scraps are things which we don’t use or need anymore. Recycling will help reduce the growing number of wastes we have in our environment. It will help us to have a cleaner earth.

How to recycle? We start by segregating our wastes into two major categories, the biodegradables and non-biodegradables. Biodegradable wastes are those that can decay or spoil through time. It will eventually return to the soil without even harming the environment. Examples of which include, food waste, paper waste, human and animal wastes. Non-Biodegradable wastes on the other hand, are those that will not decay or break even for several years. It consists of plastics, grocery bags, styrofoam, diapers, glass and metals.

To practice segregation, we should make use of two different trash containers and label them according to each category. You may even place and image on each trashcan for visual cues. This will be easier for you to place each trash on the assigned container.

Do you know that you can also earn extra money from wastes? There are some companies who purchase scrap items like dry paper and cartons, used magazines, scrap fabrics, empty plastic water bottles, empty glass containers, tin cans and many others. Artists even use plastics, glass or metal scraps as materials for their sculptures. Research on how you may find these people. Store these items in a separate container so it would be easier for you to sell them to the companies who need them.

Once we are able to manage our waste properly, we will be surprised to realize that we still have enough space left on our trashcans. So why don’t we start to recycle now? Let us teach our children and train them, for they will be the ones who will benefit from this -- a future with a clean and healthy environment. 


Let's Recycle (batch 1)
Let's Recycle (batch 2)
A Healthy Earth is a Happy Earth