ways to remove tough fridge odors

We all place different food items inside our fridge. Sometimes, we tend to put left-over foods uncovered. This is the reason why food odors get mixed up inside our fridge leaving unpleasant odors. We need to keep our fridge clean and smelling fresh always. Here are several ways to keep your fridge clean:

One: Make it a habit to check food’s freshness. Always remove spoiled food inside your fridge.

Two: Keep all food items in a covered container. That way, odors of food will not mix with each other.

Three: Defrosting - clean your fridge at least once a month.

Four: When cleaning the inside of your fridge, always unplug the switch. Remove shelves and cabinets, wash with soap and water.

Five: Prepare a lemon or vinegar solution and place it in a spray bottle. Spray the inside walls of your fridge. Leave it for three to five minutes then rinse. This solution will absorb tough odors inside your fridge.

Six: Scrub the inside of your fridge with soap and water and rinse.

Seven: If tough odor persists, place a crumpled newspaper inside the shelves and cabinet of your fridge and leave it overnight. Newspapers help absorb these odors.

Eight: After you put back all food items inside your fridge, place a cup or bowl with baking soda. You may also use sliced lemon and place it in a mini bowl or plate. This will serve as a deodorizer.

Bonus tip: Place a charcoal on a small platter and put it inside a refrigerator that is not being used. This will keep unused fridge remain smelling fresh. But make sure you clean it first and let dry before closing its door, otherwise molds will form.