let’s recycle (batch 1)

Do you know you can also save extra money by recycling? I have listed some useful suggestions that we can make use of to help save our mother earth:

One: Don’t throw paper that is blank on one side. You can still use its other side as a scratch. While a used white paper with writings on both sides can also be sold to companies who need it, thus you earn extra cash.

Two: Empty cookie tin cans, can also be used as containers for small items. It can be used to place candies, office materials such as eraser, pens, pins or can even be used as a sewing kit or utility box.

Three: The dentist recommends us to replace a toothbrush every three months. A used toothbrush can be used to clean a dirty comb. It can also be used to clean hard to reach areas on your sink; or even at side edges of your bathroom. Remember to label it or place it together with the other cleaning utility materials, or else you might use it again on your mouth – yikes!

Four: Be careful when opening your present, not to tear the gift wrapper. You can also save the box and ribbon. Save money by using it again when you need to wrap a present. Just don’t forget to remove the card; your name is on it -- hehe!

Five: Worn-out towels and old clothes can also be used as a towel to clean tables and other surfaces. You can save some money instead of buying a new one.

I am open to any of your suggestions on how to recycle. Please feel free to submit your suggestions at CONTACT ME; and I’d be glad to include your suggestions on the next batch of Let’s recycle. Together, we can help caring for our earth…


  1. if only many people knows how to recycle, imagine there will be less trash...


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