MyPhone QW29 Duo

I wanted to buy a blackberry, but besides from the price I really needed a dual-sim phone. So instead, I researched on a cheaper phone that has quality. After some researching, I found a less expensive phone that suited my needs…

Battery Life: QW29 Duo is a product of MyPhone, a Filipino brand phone that is dual-sim capable. Its battery life is longer than I expected. On a standby, it can last up to 10 days when internet connection is turned off. But if used always, it can stand up to 3 days or depends on usage. Not bad for a cheaper phone!

Keypad and Texting: I really am a texter, so I needed a keypad that is responsive and easy to press. This phone’s keypad is soft to touch and fits my need for texting. I also loved the “trackpad navigator ”. It is the circle button found at the middle top of the keypad. I find it very easy to navigate where I need to go using this button; you can even adjust its sensitivity at the settings.

Wifi capable: We are in the techy era. Most people transact through the internet. Its fast connection helps me to open my mail and even browse the net. All I need to do is to look for a strong and near connection and you’re ready to go.

Storage: This phone supports up to 8 gig of additional storage. One good tip I read from, you need to use a micro-sdhc class 10 or at least a class 4. According to them, the class is speed. I bought a Transcend 8 gig class 10 and it really was faster. Streaming is continuous when you’re watching Youtube.

Camera & Sounds: The camera is a 3.2MP, but I don’t like the quality. But, I do love the sounds when listening to the player. The player has equalizer that’s why it produces a decent sound.

Answering Machine: I love the answering machine installed in this phone. It’s like a voice mail but I liked this feature better. Whenever I missed a call, the caller can leave his voice message for free and I can easily retrieve the voice message.

Games: I’m not fond of playing games, so I didn’t upload a game on this phone. It only has one game pre-installed.

Pinoy Contents: You need to have a micro sd card to save the contents from cd, in order to access the Pinoy Contents. I didn’t buy a micro sd with pre-installed Pinoy contents because I wanted the class 10 sd card. So I just copied the contents from the CD and transferred to my sd card. I enjoyed listening to Pinoy trivias and jokes. But the Prayer content is what I really wanted. You can set the time when prayers will play; like the Angelus. You can pray the Novena, Rosary, listen to the songs of the church and many others. This phone will definitely remind you to pray always. That’s why I love this phone.

Additional tip: Do you know that MyPhone also supports charity? Learn More


  1. I am going to buy this phone tomorrow, thanks for the tip, I really like the cool new application and other features on this phone, That's why I want to buy it tomorrow. ;)

  2. Hi! I'm glad you liked my article. I really love this phone :)

  3. Hi! How can i set the time from AM to PM? because i can set it on time am or pm help plsss need ur reply tnx

  4. ireally love this phone .. you can set the time by 24-hour format .. example .. 1:00 pm is 13:00

    you will really love dis fon much more .. bcoz .. as i go w/ mine .. ive discover dat der r cheats 4 opera mini .. u will just have to download opera mini handler and follow sum instructions .. @ or just search " opera mini cheats and tricks "..

    i also downloaded so much apps like offline dictionaries etc. on UMNET.COM

  5. As far as I know hindi pwedeng palitan ang theme nung QW29. One thing that you can do however is to increase yung LCD brightness setting para hindi mag-dim masyado yung screen under bright sunlight. For more interesting information click here. :)


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