are you a kikay mom?

I have this friend who is very simple and doesn’t bother to groom herself. She is a housewife who stays at home most of the time, so she thinks she doesn’t need to buy new clothes or go to a beauty parlor. One day, when she was cleaning her backyard a new neighbor approached her. Unfortunately, she was mistaken as the house-helper. She was so sad and told me her story. (By the way, I had
permission from her to make her story into an article. Perhaps she also wanted to help other housewives with the same dilemma, but I will not mention her name okay! Hehe…)

Being a housewife is no easy job! It’s a full-time job. You need to wake up early to make breakfast for the family, bathe the kids, clean the house, cook healthy meals, go to the market, shop for supplies at the grocery, help children with their homework, make sure they don’t stay up late, take care of the husband, make the budgets... You can’t even afford to get sick. It is a lifetime career! But because of this work load, a mom still needs to take care of herself. A mom still needs to be “kikay”.

What does the word kikay mean? It is a Filipino slang word which means well-groomed. A kikay person makes sure she looks good always especially when she goes out of the house. Wears nice clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, takes care of her skin and goes to the parlor. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be kikay. A good housewife knows how to take care of her family and herself as well. Happy Mother’s Day! 


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  1. Totally agree... Mothers in general tends to be selflessly loving and caring, that's why sometimes they forget about themselves but a little pampering of oneself would be highly rewarding and of course when you feel better you'll serve your family better! Happy Mother's day to all Mothers...

  2. very well said! thanks for the comment :)

  3. i also agree! we should take care of ourselves more especially when we are already mothers. we wouldn't want to be branded as "losyang"...

  4. haha! you're right! no one wants to be called a "losyang"... hehe!

  5. i'll keep that in mind when i become a mom! :) thanks for the advice!


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