I am invincible!

She uses the public jeepney as her transportation to school. She always chooses the seat nearest the exit door, so that it will be easier for her when it is time to get off. One day a hideous guy went inside the jeepney where she was riding. He sat right beside her. She had this gut feeling that this guy will do something bad, like steal from the people inside. So she prayed and asked for guidance. Suddenly this man
declared a hold-up. Her instincts were right and continued to pray even harder this time. So this guy took cell phones, money, bags and things that he can easily carry when he leaves. Then this guy told the jeepney driver to stop and immediately took off. At her surprise, she was the only one who was not robbed. It was as if she was not even there, imagine she was just beside this robber. She immediately thanked God for covering her. She told herself, “I am invincible!”  

In times of trouble all we need is prayer. He will definitely protect us if we just lift our hands to Him. This story gave me goose bumps. I was so happy that Jesus’ miracles still happen even in the present. All we need to do is trust Him and we'll definitely be safe.


you are not alone


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