read the label

When you buy products do you read the label? Reading the label is very important especially for sensitive skin like mine. But if your skin is not that sensitive, remember that what you put in your skin will benefit you when you get old. So it is very important to know if it’s all safe or not.

One day a friend of my sister came at our house with a brochure of the beauty products that she was selling. I am fond of looking at brochures. I feel like window shopping, it makes me feel relaxed by just looking at the pictures of products. As I read through the pages, I discovered that the products they are selling are made from natural materials and most are 100% natural.

The company was called Human Nature. They were established in 2008 and they used raw materials from the Philippines. They also teamed-up with organizations which supports Filipino farmers such as “Gawad Kalinga.” They were also awarded with “Cruelty-Free” certificate, for they are very against animal testing. When you use their products you are also saving the environment for they are easily returned to the soil without harming it. Remember to keep the products away from direct sunlight and don’t exceed at 35 degrees Celsius, in order to maintain its freshness. When you research carefully, their products are affordable and very reasonable for its quality. So, I decided to join their company as a dealer and I said to myself, I also want to spread the goodness of natural products to others.


  1. hi! will contact you! i would like to try your sunflower seed beauty oil. thanks!

  2. All of my personal care products are from them! I love their new body scrub kasi it has a mild sweet scent unlike their old lemongrass-scented one that I find masakit sa ilong. My favorites are the body butter and hand&foot salve (the banana one!). To get more info please visit

    1. Hi Harold! Thank you for taking time to read my article. I too am a very happy customer of Human Nature products. The no-scent bar soap, nourishing facial wash and the tinted lip balm are just some of my favorites. Come visit again soon. Thanks again!


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