i simply love bags

Most girls love to shop for clothes, shoes, make-up or accessories. But I'm fond of shopping for bags. I really like bags, purses, wallets and pouches. Whenever I buy new bags, it makes me happy. But I'm not really particular with the ones that are branded, they're too expensive for me. I'm more into designs and pockets. Sometimes, I even customize my own bags according to my needs...

Do you know when the existence of bag started? I did some research and here is what I found out... But first, let me define what a bag is. A bag is a container where things are placed, used by people when they travel. It is usually made from a flexible material with a one side opening. 

Back in the old days, bags were used even at the time of Jesus. Bags were also used as a status symbol during the historic Egyptian era; as revealed in the hieroglyphs. Over the years, bags evolved into a glamorous accessory and became a big fashion up to the present.

How to organize your bag?
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