super onion

One day I got this bad feeling that I will get sick because I felt dizzy and my head really hurts a lot. So I got my thermometer and found out that I had a fever. So before I went to bed that night, I sliced a whole onion in half and placed each piece under my foot inside my socks, and left it overnight. In the morning, I was so surprised to realize that the heavy feeling plus fever was gone even without taking medicine.

I got this advice from my sister Abi who read an article about onions. In the article, there was once a village that was attacked by a deadly virus. They couldn’t find a cure for this virus and almost all their people have already died. Until one day a young girl who caught this virus miraculously survived. Her grandmother got an onion, sliced it in half and placed it on both her feet with socks. In the morning the girl was cured and they saw the onions turned black.

Onions have this kind of characteristic that absorbs bad viruses. That’s why I call it “Super Onion”, an effective way to get rid of fever. Another good trick is to peel an onion and put it on a stick - like a lollipop and place it on a basin with water. This will absorb viruses from the air inside a room. We are truly blessed to be provided by God with these natural medicines in the olden times up to the present. Just a friendly reminder though - please don’t forget to wash your feet… yikes!


  1. Surprisingly this really works hehe i've tried it =] thank you!! =]

  2. i hope many people will discover this secret trick! hehe! thanks for your comment :)


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