making a “Thank You” card

It’s nice to receive a home-made greeting card, don’t you think? For me, it’s a more personal way to greet your loved ones, for it was specially made by the hand.

Many thanks to my artistic Godmother - Ninang Mary Lou Dionisio, together with my cousin Michelle, (despite their busy schedules) who arranged this step by step guide on how to make a “Thank you card.”   

Materials Needed:

                    -  Card stock (1 colored 4.25” x 5.5”, 
                       1 white 1” x  3.5”, 1 white 2.75” x 2.75”)
                    -  Designer paper (1 designer 2.5” x 4”)
                    -  Flower or leaf cut-out (1 colored 2” x 2”, 1 decorative 0.5” x 0.5”)
                    -  Regular and decorative scissors
                    -  Decorative gems
                    -  Glue or double-sided tape
                    -  “Thank You” stamp
                    -  Colored stamp pad


Step 1.  Fold the colored card stock paper in half to make the base of the card.
Step 2.  Cut a 2” x 2” flower or leaf from a magazine or calendar, or use a punch.

Step  3.  Using the decorative scissors, cut one side of the white 1” x 3.5” card stock. 
Step  4.  Paste or glue the flower cut out onto the white square card stock.

Step  5.  Paste the square card stock onto the right side of the designer paper.
Step  6.  Paste the 1” x 3.5” card stock onto the left side of the designer paper.

Step  7.  Paste this assembled 3-piece item onto the upper portion of the folded colored card stock.
Step  8.  Stamp “Thank You” onto the lower right portion of the colored card stock.

Step  9.  Paste a small decorative flower onto the middle of the bigger flower.
Step 10. Add a decorative gem in the middle of the flower.


  -  A leaf can be used instead of a flower.
  -  A “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon” stamp can be used instead of “Thank You”. 


Want to see more cards made by my Ninang Malou?


  1. I love the card. I wanted to know can you do a thank you card from a kid birthday party. To get more info please visit

  2. Hi Elliottbrown777! My godmother made this card and I think she can also make a kid birthday party card! I will ask her again to make something for us, hehe. Thank you and please do visit again soon!


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