Princess and I: filipino drama

“Princess and I” was a Filipino Drama series from the ABS-CBN network that showcased Filipino talents from the veteran actors namely Albert Martinez who played the King Anand and Gretchen Barretto as Ashi Behati, to the blossoming talents of new breed of actors such as Kathryn Bernardo and Enrique Gil. I believe that this was the first Filipino TV series that I got addicted to. Too bad I didn’t get to watch it from the beginning. I really love to watch tv series that feature light and sweet scenes compared to those that have heavy and complicated ones.

Witness the transformation of Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo) from a simple poor girl to becoming the missing Princess Areeyah. Who will she choose from her three leading men; best friend Kiko (Khalil Ramos), bad boy Gino (Daniel Padilla) and her prince charming Prince Jao (Enrique Gil). The conflict of two kingdoms from the East and West will also spice up the series in an exciting way.

I was a fan of Kathryn and Enrique even when I saw them together in a movie called “Way Back Home”. Their chemistry was undeniable and almost real… I hope! They really look too comfortable with each other and seem like they enjoy being together. I really enjoyed watching them again in this series. It releases my stress just by watching them. I just hoped that they ended up together in the end. I just wished they had another movie together and I think many will be happy to see them together again.

I hope they will be able to sell the complete series on dvd soon. I will definitely buy it, so that I can watch the whole series again especially the Jao and Mikay scenes! hehe...