mini colored pencils?

One boring afternoon of 1987 when I was still in grade two, I decided to play with toothpick scraps from yesterday’s party. I started to wash them with soapy water and wiped them dry. Then, I took some of my colored markers and started coloring each toothpick one by one. I colored each sharp tip with my colored marker. Then I proceeded to the body of the toothpick leaving the square tips on the other end. Now they looked like mini colored pencils.

I brought these toothpicks that looked like mini colored pencils and showed them to my classmates. One of my classmates told me that she wanted to buy the whole set. I told her that these are just plain toothpicks and not the actual colored pencils that were used to color books. But she insisted and bought it all for five pesos. About five of my other classmates told me that they would like to order also. I told myself “WOW! I never thought I will be able to earn something from scraps!... hehe!