rosary birthstone charm bracelet

I never thought I would be able to design or even create my own jewelries until February of 2005. I met an office mate who became a friend, her name is Liz. She was very creative and was fond of making her own accessories.

At that time, it is a trend to use Swarovski on different fashion accessories. “Swarovski” was a kind of crystal that is very brilliant. I got inspired by her designs and tried to make some of my own. So I bought tools and materials from a crafts supplies store. I created accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings since then.

Creating fashion accessories relaxes me and takes my stress away. Here is my latest design- “Rosary Birthstone Charm Bracelets.” A rosary bracelet made from birthstones and charms. It comes in twelve designs for each month of the year.