recycled budget organizer

I used to place my budget money on letter envelopes and tie them together using a rubber band. I labelled each envelope for every budget category. But whenever I remove the rubber band to get my money, it’s a bit cluttered. I needed to count each envelope one by one before I can tie them again to make sure I haven't miss an envelope.

So I decided to create my very own budget wallet using scrap materials. I started to design the cover using a ladybug patch. I made a small ladybug patch using scrap red and black velvet fabric, scrap foam and some black buttons as the ladybug dots. For the wallet, I used scrap cardboard, black velvet fabric, colored paper envelopes, plastic screw type binder to bind the envelopes and large red zipper. I printed ladybug designs and budget category on each envelope and punched three holes in it.

Now I have my very own Ladybug Money Organizer to organize my daily budget needs.

Bonus Tip:
My Aunt Boots told me her secret budget trick, she calls it the "70+20+10" system. The 70% of your income will be cover all the expenses for the month. The 20% will be allotted for your savings and the 10% will be your offering to the Lord. Why don't you try it and see what happens!