my old backpack... revived!

One afternoon when I opened my cabinet, I saw my favorite backpack which I have received as a birthday present seventeen years ago. It was a black United Colors of Benetton, an expensive branded bag. It was too worn out because I regularly used it at school. Prints started to fade and the inner bag lining were already torn. But the zippers were still intact, so I decided to transform it into a Ladybug backpack.

I used scrap velvet fabrics and some used foam. Then I bought black buttons and small black zipper for the outer pocket. It took me a week to finish this bag but it’s worth it.

And now my old backpack was revived, it looks new and fresh. My sister’s thought that I had bought it at a store and looks even more expensive than it was before. This was my very first Ladybug backpack and I didn’t even buy it! Haha!