recycled bags for Christmas

Money was tight in the year 2005, so I decided to create my own gifts instead. I opened our sewing machine and tried to create something from scrap fabrics in my cabinet. I used velvet fabric scraps and foam fillings from old bags. I only bought the zippers, buttons and ribbon for the sling.

Here are my very own bag designs that I gave my sisters as their Christmas presents. I gave the red dice bag to my sister Mimi, because she is fond of collecting items with the dice design. The “Bart” sling bag for my sister Abi. She collects “The Simpsons” items and playsets. My sister Jing loves to eat donuts, so I gave her the donut sling bag. And the Spongebob sling bag for my youngest sister Jam, she collects “Spongebob” items.

I also made a sling bag for myself as an addition to my Ladybug Collection. Here is my very own originally made Ladybug sling bag.