recycled notebook

One summer morning, I arranged the contents of my drawer and found my old notebooks that I used when I was still at school. I wanted to throw everything to leave some space for my other things, but when I started to scan every notebook I saw many blank pages. So I decided to make a new notebook out of these old notes.

I started by removing all the used pages and compiled all the blank pages to create a new notebook. Then I removed the cover and placed black felt paper over it. I made a hole that was shaped like a body of a ladybug on the lower right portion of the notebook cover. Then I cut a red felt paper under that hole, to make it look deep. I used white glue to put some dots over the red felt paper. When the first glue dries you need to put another glue dot. Do this at least three times to achieve a sphere-like texture. When the glue dots were dried I colored them black using black paint. Then I drew a head and two antennas over the black felt using silver marker. Lastly, I placed two glue dots over the ends of each antenna and colored it using red paint. Now I have a new note book that I can use, and it all came from scrap materials.