the YES book

It was the main idea of my sister Abi that led me to create this mini book. She told me to design and create my own prayer request book patterned from hers. She was very happy and surprised to achieve an answered prayer that was granted by our Lord Jesus. So I decided to create my own prayer request book.

On the cover was ATO (my very first original cartoon artwork.) I called my book "Answered Prayers YES BOOK". The purpose of this booklet is to help people like us, realize how blessed we truly are.

Book 1 was composed of pages where we list our prayer request and mark it checked when our prayers were answered...YES! When the year has ended, it was nice to read all blessings we have received; and was now recorded in our mini book.

I was able to come up with Book 2 in 2008. It was composed of three parts. The first part of the book was where we listed our prayer requests; anything we wanted to ask our Lord Jesus. The second part was where we listed our unexpected blessings, things that we didn't expect to receive but has been given to us. We should learn to thank God, even in the littlest things which He has blessed us with. We tend to forget this most of the time, and the saddest part was, we only remember Him when we are in trouble. Lastly, the third part was where we listed our gifts to Jesus, things that we promise to change in ourselves or anything we wanted to offer Jesus in return. 

As a Catholic, I want to do my part to serve our Jesus. This has blessed my life and I hope it will bless your life as well...