To The Beautiful You: Korean Drama

Watching this drama makes me really happy and it definitely takes my stress away. It is a light drama that showcased different funny and sweet scenes that will melt your heart. It will make you want to watch the whole series over and over again.

The story revolved around Goo Jae-Hee a female student from America who was bullied at school but was inspired by a gold medallist high jumper Kang Tae-Joon to work hard to achieve something. A leg injury made
Tae-Joon quit his sport. This will make Jae-Hee go all the way from America to Korea to transfer to an all boys’ school where Tae-Joon was studying. She disguised herself as a boy to help Tae-Joon return to high jumping again. Tae-Joon was played by Shinee’s Minho and Jae-Hee played by Sulli from f(x). There are many sweet scenes that will make your heart flutter. You will feel their good chemistry onscreen. One of my favorite scenes in the drama was when Jae-Hee replaced the busted light and Tae-Joon gave her a back hug. Another is when Tae-Joon washed the face of Jae-Hee when she injured her hand. They really looked very comfortable with each other. It seems to me like they really liked each other in real life!

Another thing that I liked most about this drama is the lesson that it imparts. “Miracle is another word for hardwork” – this is the message of the drama. You can’t have a miracle if you’re not striving hard to achieve your goal. This Korean drama will definitely be an addition to my favorite drama series of all time.

“To The Beautiful You” was a Korean drama of 2012, a fourth version of the original Japanese Manga Series called “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” meaning For you in full blossom - more known as “Hanna-Kimi.” This beautiful series was written by Hisaya Nakajo and was published in 1996-2004. Taiwan was the first to create the drama series in 2006 (another one of my favorites.) Followed by the Japanese drama version in 2007, and another remake in 2011.