my old nokia 3310 turned into a ladybug!

I was bored looking at my gray Nokia 3310. So I decided to customize it to look exciting. I opened my dad’s supplies cabinet and found red and black acrylic paints. I asked him if I can use it and he gave me some. So I planned on transforming my boring gray case into a ladybug case.

I started by removing the case from my phone. Then I wiped it with clean cloth. I put some masking tape on the screen to protect it from getting any paint. Then placed another tape on the middle part of the case just below the screen, to determine the division. I painted the top portion black to look like the head of a ladybug. When the black paint had dried, I removed the masking tape guide and placed a new one on the top middle where the black paint ended. I then painted the bottom part red. When the red paint had dried, I took a small paint brush and started to paint small black dots on the red portion of the case. Then I cut eyes from a cartoon sticker to serve as the ladybug’s eyes. And now I have my one of a kind cell phone case, my very own Ladybug cell phone casing.