my boring bag came to life

I was scanning through my old things and saw this plain black bag that I received from my sister. It was too plain so I decided to create and place a ladybug patch on it.

I started by drawing a pattern of the ladybug design on a piece of paper. I measured the diameter that suited the
bag. Then I cut a scrap velvet red fabric and placed some foam for the body of the ladybug. I also used black velvet for the head of the ladybug. After assembling the head and body of the bug, I sew black buttons on its body to look like dots. Then, I attached it to the front cover of the bag. Then, I used an old white shoe string for the antennas. Using black permanent marker, I colored the string black squares alternately to look like broken lines. Then I sew two red buttons on the ends of the antenna. Now my plain old bag came to life! It’s not boring anymore! Haha!