most effective budget

I was cleaning through my cabinet drawer when I saw my passbook. I opened it and I thought to myself, “Wow! I think my savings account is frozen. This sucks!”

Then one day my aunt—Tita Boots, came to visit. She told me her secret in budgeting, which is so effective, that she didn’t experience any tight budget ever. She called it the “70-20-10 scheme.”

So what is this “70-20-10 scheme”? She told me to allot the 70% of my earnings to all basic expenses—food, groceries, supplies, bills, transportation etc. Then the 20% should be strictly allotted to savings. But if you decide to allot more to “save for the rainy days,” then it will be much better. She also told me to lessen or avoid unnecessary spending. If you spend on things which you don’t really need at a regular basis, it’ll be hard for you to save. But to reward yourself once in a while, for your hard work is a different story. And the last 10% should be allotted for tithes. What are tithes? To give tithes is to give back to God a part of what you have earned. But of course, God doesn’t really need money that comes from Him. We can give support to our church, to charity or we can even give it to a needy neighbor or stranger that has financial problems.

Recently, I started this budget scheme and I’m pretty sure my savings will have good results soon. Remember, God does not want to lose in the generosity game. If you give, then He will definitely bless your life back even more than what you have given. So why don’t you give it a try and allow God to bless your life abundantly!

it actually works!