it actually works!

Wow! This is what I told myself one afternoon, when I realized that God blessed me unexpectedly. From what I wrote before, I already started my 70+20+10 budget scheme. I usually give my 10% to whom I think needs my help the most. Then one day, a storm called Yolanda came and a lot of Filipinos were again been victimized by another typhoon. So I thought I will give not my 10% but my 50% for the semi-month because I thought I needed to extend a bigger hand for these people.

And so I did. I didn’t experience any hesitation because I thought they needed it more than I do. I just needed to make some sacrifice on my budget to make room for a bigger tithe. Three days had passed and I was so stunned to realize that the said amount that I gave, tripled! God gave me another work load three times the amount of what I gave. I was so thankful and realized that He really will not let me win in this battle of kindness and generosity. He probably said, I know you needed this too so I gave it back to you. I love you! Wow! I just told myself with matching goosebumps on the side, haha! I believe that if you help or donate to charity, you should not broadcast it. But sharing this experience will definitely show people that God truly loves to bless His people, especially those who share what they have. You don't need to be rich to be able to help others. Try it to see and experience for yourself how God will bless your life. Our God is truly an amazing God! 

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