simple candle... wow candle

Did you know that a simple candle can be very useful? Aside from the fact that it was used as a light source, it was also used as an offering at church. Scented kinds also help in relieving stress, this is why they were widely used in spas and hotels.

Remove unwanted odors in a room by lighting a candle. It effectively absorbs bad odor in a kitchen by lighting an unscented candle before starting to fry a smelly dried fish—a good tip I learned from my dad. It really helps absorb unwanted food smell in a room. Remember not to leave a lighted candle unattended in a room to avoid fire.

Candles can also smoothen rough zippers. I was specifically irritated with zippers that are stuck and are hard to open or close. I got this trick from a friend who also loves to do arts and crafts.  She told me to rub the body of a candle to the tooth-edges of an opened zipper. Then I tried to open then close the zipper for several times. I was really amazed to see that now it is much easier to operate the zipper.

The wick of a lighted candle can seal the edges of a clear plastic bag with contents inside. You just need to fold the plastic bag then quickly run its folded edge on the lighted wick of the candle for several times. Same goes with the edges of the newly cut fabric. Be careful though not to run the material too close or too slow to the lighted wick, for it might burn the plastic or fabric. I was amazed to have found these tricks from a simple candle. Do you know other useful tricks we can get from candles? Please feel free to share your comment below. Thank you!

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