how to avoid Dentophobia?

I remembered as a kid, I’m afraid of the dentist. The only reason why my mother took me to a dentist was to extract my aching tooth. After the long hours of terror, I always went home with a fever.

Most kids I know, are afraid of dentists. I think the reason why they are afraid, was because they are brought to a dentist only when they have toothaches due to cavities. To be honest, as an adult, I was still afraid to get my tooth extracted. Would you believe, up to this time I’m still afraid of them? Haha!

I found few good suggestions on how to remove or even avoid having Dentophobia.

1.   Choose a dentist who has hands, as light as a feather.
           ·         The one that best suits your PAIN meter

2.   Choose a dentist who talks a lot.
          ·          That way you will be distracted. You will never realize that your tooth was already removed.

3.   Don’t look at the dentist’s tools
          ·         Avoid looking at the dental pliers, sharp tools especially the needles for these will definitely make you think of the pain even before they reach your mouth.

4.   Bring your child to a dentist for the first time for a check-up only.
          ·         Tooth check-up or cleaning
          ·         That way your child will not remember that going to a dentist is a scary thing.
          ·         Before you send your child to his first tooth extraction, talk to him and explain to him that he will not experience any pain.

These are all I’ve got so far. I hope I was able to give several good suggestions. If you have comments and other suggestions, please feel free to message me and I will be happy to add them on the list above. Together let’s conquer Dentophobia!