my bag story

Since I was a kid I love to receive bags as a present. I collected them all and used them interchangeably, until I was big enough to purchase one for myself. It really makes me happy whenever I have a new bag.

When I buy a bag, a wallet or pouch, I always look into the tiniest details. I always notice the stitching that was not aligned. I really hate it when the zippers are stuck or rough to operate. The designs of the inside lining and even the zipper pull also draws my attention. Simple but unique bag designs attract me the most. But I don’t go for designer ones because they are too expensive for me. Until I’ve discovered a simple yet fashionable bag that caught my attention. I was amazed on how neatly it folds up when you store it. It is so easy to clean and maintain. Made from nylon, a very lightweight material and can fit a lot of things in it. The leather handles are amazingly durable. This was my very first designer bag and it was a Mother’s day present from my husband and son.

Meet my Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag in Bilberry color, this was known as the mini. The French word “Le Pliage” which means foldable handbag. Designed by Jean Cassegrain in France 1948, was inspired by the concept of Japanese origami, a very nice idea indeed. I never thought that I would love this bag so much that it became my most favorite bag. I am now planning to buy the large size with the long handles but I am still thinking of getting the navy or black. Are you another Longchamp lover? Please feel free to comment and share your bag story.

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